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And if you’re one of the smart folks reading this who moves fast today and gets your hands on this collection of done-for-you workouts and programs…

You’ll get an instant edge over your competitors and become one of the fastest growing fitness entrepreneurs in the world...

This collection contains 20+ years of my very best metabolic workouts that have helped my clients, followers and members burn tons of fat, build lean muscle, get fit, strong, and healthy… and has kept my name at the top of the fitness industry for maybe longer than you’ve been alive…

And it’s taken me years of patience and effort to put it together into one place where you can rip 500+ of the best workouts and programs… claim them as your own…

And enjoy MONSTER success in your own fitness career. Plus…

When you take all of my best workouts and programs and put your name on them… (with my permission)...

You’ll overcome the #1 biggest mistake I’ve seen fitness entrepreneurs make...

that squashes them like a bug every single time...

Hey I’m Funk Roberts… 

I’m a Master Metabolic Trainer, which means that I created a Metabolic Conditioning Certification Course through NESTA, and I’ve had tons of success in my 20+ years in the fitness industry.

I’ve been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX TV. I’m an amazon #1 bestselling author. I’m on the advisory board at the Fitness Trainer Hall of Fame…  

You may have also seen my articles and workout in GQ Magazine, Men’s Journal, Muscle & Fitness, Inside Fitness, Train Fitness Magazine, Onnit, Personal Trainer Magazine, and so many more.
I’ve also trained UFC Fighters and Champions, professional sports athletes and hundreds of thousands of fighters, combat athlete, fitness enthusiast, trainers and coaches have used my programs and workouts to help with their success.

And I recently received the Fitness Presenter of the Year at the 2022 CanFitPro Global Health and Fitness Conference.

I’ve built and worked with some of the biggest fitness brands in the world.

And through my Email Subscribers, YouTube videos, Facebook Fans and IG followers I have managed to help over 1 million men and women around the world transform their bodies and start making positive changes in their lives that last.

Pat Rigsby

Founder of

"Funk Roberts is a true expert when it comes to developing programs and products that will help you get your clients better results and help you build your business because of it. Whether you're looking to upgrade your programming to separate yourself from the crowd or you simply want some innovative ideas to keep your workouts fresh, Funk is a resource you can trust to deliver."

Anthony Alayon

Creator of Fat Extinction System and
Member of Critical Bench Team

"Funk Roberts is an authority in the fitness world. His bodyweight workouts combined with his MMA and Combat Sport background puts his knowledge and expertise at a whole new level. So if you're looking to get real workouts that deliver results and get your clients in the best shape of your life, then look no further than Funk Roberts!"

Georgette Pann

Owner of Fitness Bootcamp Club

"Funk and I have worked together on many occasions. Funk has been the most popular contributor to my Bootcamp trainers blog, his workouts are unique, fun and intense!...He is the master of Metabolic workouts! Funk's contribution to the fitness industry is unparalleled and get's my highest recommendation"

Forest Vance

Former NFL Professional and Creator of
FVTBiz and Fitness Business Funnel

"Funk's training techniques are not only proven, but extremely effective. His workouts are challenging and will take your clients strength and conditioning to a new level.

If you're looking to improve your conditioning, strength, speed, and mental focus, look no further than Funk Roberts!"

I got into the fitness industry at a great time. It was slim pickens. And there were only a few of us leading the charge…

But now, it seems like everybody and their dog is starting a “fitness business”...

Which makes it a lot harder for you to stand out. But don’t worry. There’s one mistake most of them are making… (you might be making it right now too)... but once you stop making this mistake things are really going to take off for you!

Here’s what I’ve noticed…

The #1 mistake fitness entrepreneurs make is… 
they get stuck in the “creation” phase…

Trying to create new content, new workouts, new ways to keep their audience engaged. Create. Create. Create.

The problem is: creation won’t make you a successful fitness professional.

That’s why most people in your shoes fail. And you will too if you keep putting all of your eggs in the wrong basket. Yeah…

Instead of content creation, you need to take all that effort and put it towards marketing yourself and coaching your clients.
And that’s why getting access to this massive collection of workouts and programs will set you apart from your competitors…

Because while they’re trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t… you’ll have 20+ years of battle-tested and proven workouts at your fingertips

So you can focus on the stuff that’s really going to scale your business.

If you want to leave your competitors in the dust...
this is your chance...

Because you won’t have to waste your time trying to come up with a single piece of content on your own… and your clients will LOVE you

Because the workouts inside this giant collection will help them get real jaw-dropping, scroll-stopping results!
Imagine how many DMs you’ll get on Instagram or Facebook… when you post another set of before/after photos from your clients…

And they’re dropping inches around their waist, melting fat faster than ever, and feel like a million bucks because of how they look.

I guarantee your inbox is going to BLOW UP...

All because you ripped a program from my collection, put your name on it, and gave it to your clients.

It's as easy as that. Literally 1, 2, 3 and you’re a massive success. Now…

If you’re not sure how you feel about taking my stuff and claiming it as your own, here’s what you need to know:

This is the secret of most successful fitness professionals in the industry today...

I’m sure you have a couple of names in mind… 

Dollars to donuts they use this exact strategy

Because they figured it out. Creating new programs is a waste of time.

To be successful you need to market yourself, scale your business, and coach clients.

This strategy is called “white-labeling”…

It’s when you use pre-made content as your own. Now…

If you were taking someone’s stuff without their permission that would be stealing

But I’m nudging you… no, I’m BEGGING you to take my best workouts and programs…

And what makes my workouts different from anything else you can find is…

Mine Have A Proven Track Record. They Work. And I Have Hundreds Of Thousands Of Happy Clients To Prove It.

And I’ve Built A Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Business Using Them

But now, I want you to have them all.

There is nothing like this anywhere. Not even close.

This monster collection of workouts and programs is so thorough… you won’t have to create a single workout or program on your own for the next decade…

And your fitness business will EXPLODE because you’ll be able to focus your attention on the real needle-movers like marketing and coaching.

So… if you’re ready to become one of the top names in the industry… I want to give you access to:

Funk Roberts Fitness University - Trainers Academy

Please take 500 of my perfected, optimized, and powerfully effective workouts and training programs… stamp your name on them… and use them to skyrocket your fitness business.

Everything inside is completely done-for-you. Which means no work on your end. Take everything inside and use it as your own.

The Funk Roberts Fitness University - Trainers Academy instantly hands you an advantage over all other fitness entrepreneurs and business owners…  

And your clients will praise you and give you awesome reviews and testimonials as these proven routines help them burn fat, get lean, build strength, and more!

Best of all… they’ll keep coming back to you over and over again! Meaning you won’t only get boatloads of new clients… but you’ll keep them, too!

Join Today And You'll Get TheSE Workouts

“Rep Style” Workouts

These “rep style” workouts are a HIIT. They’re fun. Simple. And they’ll give your clients BIG results. For example…

One of the “rep style” workouts is a 300-rep bodyweight workout that I gave to a group of untrained, overweight clientsand the pounds and inches melted away faster than anything you’d see on The Biggest Loser.

It was a huge success and I have dozens of these “rep style” workouts inside the Trainers Academy that you can use to help your clients see amazing results too.

Tabata Workouts

Tabata workouts are a powerhouse for anyone who wants to get and stay in shape on a tight schedule… so you’re busy moms and dads and going to LOVE these workouts.

Tabata workouts burn fat, boost metabolism, increase lean muscle, improve cardio, and more… all in just a few minutes.

I have hundreds of Tabata workouts inside the Training Academy ready for you to rip and use to get your clients in phenomenal shape!

Abs Circuits

You don’t need a PhD to know that ALL of your clients want a flat stomach that looks great when the clothes start coming off.

Inside the Training Academy you’ll get my best battle-tested abs circuits that’ll melt fat and strengthen your clients’ abs at the same time.

And remember…

The faster your clients and followers start losing inches around the waist… the happier they’ll be. Give them these abs circuits and I promise they’ll come to you for more.

Metabolic Training

Help your clients burn tons of calories while they workout… and then stay in “fat burning mode” for up to 72 hours after their workouts!

I actually created a certification called the Metabolic Conditioning Certification…

So I’ve mastered the art of helping clients boost their metabolism so they can lose fat faster than they believed possible…

And inside the Training Academy you’ll get my best workouts, tips, and tricks to keep your clients’ metabolisms red hot… so they burn fat all day long.

Interval Training

Interval training workouts are my “secret weapon” for complete body recomposition.

They’ll help your clients burn fat, build lean muscle, improve endurance and cardiovascular health, and speed up their metabolism….  

And one of my favorite parts is interval training is easy for clients to stick to

Which makes it the perfect fit for clients who are badly out of shape and haven’t worked out in years… or have never worked out at all. These workouts will help them get results and stay motivated.

Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell workouts are the most efficient form of exercise on the planet… The problem is a lot of trainers don’t know how to use kettlebells properly… or how to teach their clients how to use them.

If that’s you… no worries!

Inside Trainers Academy I’ll give you my best kettlebell workouts and show you how to use them… and how to teach your clients to use them… so they can build their dream body fast!

These are the same type of kettlebell workouts that I’ve used with Muscle & Fitness magazine and LIVE IG workouts.

Strength & Cardio Workouts

You don’t need to get fancy to get results for your clients.

Sometimes all you need are the right straight-forward strength and cardio workouts…

And inside Trainers Academy I’ll give you ones that are proven to work and will get huge results for your clients so they keep coming back to you for more.

Finisher Workouts

Tack these on to the end of your clients’ workouts and they’ll melt fat like butter in a frying pan!

Each of these finisher workouts only lasts a few minutes and will be a HUGE addition to your workout collection.

This Is Your Golden Ticket To Get Clients And Cash Rolling In… And Keep Results And Revenue Sky High!

You can download everything inside the Funk Roberts Fitness University - Trainer Academy and start using it today… 

To become a successfully rich and praised fitness entrepreneur who keeps your clients happy and truly changes lives!

And you can get it all…

That’s 20+ years of the best training plans and workouts… which cost me literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to create and thousands of hours of time…

For Normally  $997.

One Time Payment Lifetime Access Today Only $497

That’s right. Just one payment and you get lifetime access to everything.

Don’t step over dollars to save pennies. This is the best decision you can make for your business and it’s going to save you TONS of time and money.

I would’ve crawled over broken glass for something like this when I first started!

And to sweeten the pot a little bit I’m going to give
you over $4500 of bonus material for FREE!

Bonus: #1:

Metabolic Fitness Academy ($999 Value FREE)

These are the best workouts for trainers that use equipment, like dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, TRX and so much more

For those looking to help their clients, classes and members that want to burn fat and build muscle you will use my proven metabolic training method to get into the best shape of their lives and stay there with "Done-For-You" Workout Plan – Instructional HD Videos to teach proper execution and more…

Bonus: #2:

Bodyweight Academy ($999 Value FREE)

These workouts are perfect for Group and Bootcamp Trainers or if you do not have access to equipment… … because with the workouts inside Bodyweight Academy only use metabolic bodyweight circuits, which is what I am known for in the fitness industry.

In fact, these are the type of workouts I used to create my Membership Website and grow to over 10,000 paying members and over 1 million dollar growth.

And the type of workouts I used to grow my YouTube Channel from 200K to over 600K subscribers in one year, just using these bodyweights only home workout

And at the very least, they’re a phenomenal tool to have in your back pocket to help your clients keep getting results regardless of their gym situation.

Bonus: #3:

MMA Academy ($999 Value FREE)

These workouts are perfect for your clients who travel a lot:

Mixed Martial Arts is gaining popularity so there’s a good chance you’ll have hundreds of clients coming to you for workouts that’ll help them get in shape for the mat.

I’ve trained thousands of MMA professionals all over the world… some of which are the TOP guys in the industry… and I’ve perfected MMA workouts so that anyone from novice to expert can use them to get in shape.

Bonus: #4:

Downloadable Demo Video Library ($999 Value FREE)

Not sure how to do a certain exercise? No worries! I’ll give you access to my entire exercise library that I’ve developed over the last 20 years

Plus, you will get full access to the DEMO videos of the workouts in the University which you can download and use as yours…as long as you don’t care if the Funkster or my Team is in your video

Bonus: #5:

Warm Up And Stretching Library ($327 Value FREE)

If you want to keep clients… then you need to keep them injury free!

That’s why I’ll give you the best routines to improve your clients mobility, support their joints, prevent cramps, and keep them in your classes, following your programs, and seeing results!

Bonus: #6:

Nutrition Academy ($199 Value FREE)

Inside Nutrition Academy you’ll get access to nutrition plans to help your clients lose fat, build muscle, increase energy, battle inflammation…

And see the results they want in the mirror much faster than if you were to just hand them a workout program.

The best part is these nutrition plans aren’t crazy strict and they won’t make your clients grumpy and want to quit. I’ve perfected them to help clients shred fat and boost their health… while keeping their stomachs full and their taste buds happy.

I’m giving away the farm right now... but it won’t be for long

Hurry and hit the “buy now” button to get access to everything inside the Funk Roberts Fitness University - Trainer Academy.

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  • ​Instant Access To Over 125 Different Workout Programs (Value $1999)
    Access programs like my Spartan 300, Gauntlet workouts, Hardcore Supersets, Cross Circuit Training, EMOM, 5X5 MMA Circuits, Kettlebell Chronicles, Bodybuilding 2.0 and so much more…
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