Finally, You Can Naturally Decrease Pain
and Inflammation, Get Better Sleep and Relieve Crippling Anxiety With CBD Oil Supplement (NO THC)
Our CDB Oil Supplement has NO THC and is a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
A Full spectrum hemp extract supplements provides the most benefits of any of the above supplements. Because it contains the hemp seed oil, and all of the 100+ cannabinoids found within the hemp plant and not just the CBD, it stands to have amazing benefits and the only type of supplement we would recommend using.
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Benefits Of CBD Hemp Oil Extract
  • Full Range of Omega Fatty Acids
  • Natural Sleep Aid
  • Natural Calming Properties
  • Assists with Joint Pain
  • Helps Improve Metabolism
  • Promotes Nerve Health
Regular Price $59.99
Today Price $39.99USD FREE SHIPPING
(Available USA and CANADA ONLY)
This one-time purchase will process right now and will NOT re-occur, Clicking This Button Will Charge Your Card $39.99 USD Right NOW
Benefits Of Using Full Spectrum Hemp
Have you ever heard of the endocannabinoid system (ECS)? The ECS was discovered in the 1990’s. This discovery taught us that cannabinoids work by binding themselves to neuro cannabinoid receptors. This receptor effects in large part your experiences with Pain, adrenaline, Appetite, Memory, inflammation, etc…. Different cannabinoids in Full Spectrum Hemp such as CBD, CBG and 141 others (THC is removed) affect these receptors in a positive way, CBD and CBG being the primary cannabinoids and as a result the 2 that you will find majority of studies on.
Helps With Insomnia
1 in 4 people suffer from some sort of mild sleep disorder. While there are not a lot of clinical studies showing that CBD directly treats insomnia there has been some studies showing it as a potential benefit. While CBD dose not inherently have a sedating effect like its counterpart THC. It could help in a different way.

CBD is not an effective product for falling asleep and staying asleep but it has been shown to increase alertness and attentiveness which is a side effect of insomnia. It has also been shown to treat or decrease anxiety levels which can be a main cause of insomnia.
Improves Relief for Chronic Pain
There is currently a large movement in the medical community to use CBD as an assisted treatment to chronic pain due to the opiod epidemic. This is pushing cannibinoids into the spotlight as a less invasive and addictive alternative form of pain relief. CBD interacts with receptors for the immune system and this interaction creates a pain relief effect.
Reduces Inflammation
The CDC currently states that over a million Americans suffer from Arthritis. By definition arthritis is the inflammation of joints. There are currently over  types of arthritis and other types of conditions. In a study done by Dr. Sheng-Ming Dai, it was found that the CB2 receptors of the ECS are found in unusually High volume in the joint tissue of arthritis patients.

The Arthritis Society is currently funding grants to further research the relationships between cannabinoids and Joint Pain.
Reduces Anxiety and Depression
CBD specifically being found naturally occurring in Full Spectrum Hemp has been shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety in people suffering from things such as PTSD, Obsessive compulsive Disorder and Chronic Anxiety.

CBD also has an effect on the neuro receptor that generally control mood. These are the same receptors that register runners high and offset the pain to make it an enjoyable experience. This same type of effect can happen in the body due to CBD assisting in any treatment approach one may be taking to beat depression.
Reduces Oxidative Stress
Oxidative Stress is when the body cannot properly clean out Free Radicals using antioxidants to neutralizing them. This is an ever increasing issue due to the toxic environments we live in. Free radicals are known in majority for causing cancer but are responsible for many day to day ailments people suffer from.

University studies done in rats showed that Cannabinoids reduced levels of Oxidative stress in peripheral organs and in the brain thus improving cognitive function and decreasing mortality rate.
Promotes Heart Health
Heart related issues are currently the number 1 cause of death for Men and Women in the US. While diet and lifestyle changes are the most imperative to Controlling or preventing Heart Disease CBD has shown in studies to reduce artery blockage, Protect against artery damage, improve blood flow.

The ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation as discussed earlier also promotes heart health as these are both precursors to multiple types of heart disease.
Promotes Healthy Weight
While most people associate Cannabis with the munchies what they fail to realize is that this sensation is associated with THC and since Full Spectrum Hemp is THC Free it does not have these side effects. CBD on the other hand has an appetite suppressant effect on the body. This mixed with the ability to improve cases of inflammation allowing the body to absorb more nutrients through the digestive tract improves you ability to manage and lose weight.

Note: As always a healthy diet and moderate exercise is always recommended in order to promote healthy weight.
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